Guns at the border? [BETA]

Podcast 1: Guns at the Border?

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On Saturday January 30th 2016, Frauke Petry, the leader of the Alternatives for Freedom party said that German police should use armed force if necessary to prevent illegal migrants from crossing the German border. On Friday, February 5th 2016, Polly Pallister-Wilkins chatted with our host Darshan Vigneswaran about what Petry’s remarks tell us about the changing tone of Europe’s response to the migration crisis.

The original text of the interview with Frauke Petry (in German)

About the Guest

pallister-wilkins-p-ePolly Pallister-Wilkins is an  Assistant  Professor  in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. She specialises in the intersection of humanitarian intervention and border control. Her current research is concerned with what I term ‘humanitarian borderwork’ in Europe and it builds on previous research into humanitarianism, border policing and the political sociologies of walls, fences and security barriers. Her regional areas of expertise are the Mediterranean, specifically Greece, and the Middle East.

Her doctoral research was undertaken at SOAS, University of London and focused on the Security/Separation Barrier in the Occupied West Bank and the resistance it engendered amongst Palestinians and Israelis.Her work therefore broadly sits in the borderland between International Relations, Critical Security Studies and Political Geography.

Polly Pallister Wilkin’s UvA page

Polly Pallister Wilkins’ article on Humanitarianism and Borders (in IPS)



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